Published Here, Why use Published Here?

The goal with Published here is to make the author’s experience a satisfying one. If we accomplish that then you, the author, will gladly recommend our services to others.

This goal, and your goal, are really one and the same. You wish to publish and put your works in the hands of readers everywhere and we wish to make that a reality. We recommend a lot of self-marketing in the form of bookstore signings and library readings where available. This will put in place a local and regional base who will recommend your works outside your personal reach zone. Although if you use our service we will arrange a page on the publishers web site for your book, a listing at Amazon and we strongly recommend you create a web site and/or a blog. Share your thoughts with others, resulting in those others sharing their thoughts with even more. Marketing is like a snowball rolling down a hill, if the snow is there it gathers momentum and grows. You have to create the snowball, your audience is the snow and your marketing is the momentum so put those elements to work for you.

Make sure that you properly edit your works. Nothing detracts from a brilliant writing more than typos and mistakes in grammar or continuity. Professionals are available, we offer the basic copyediting service, but if that is not for you at the very least have the most competent relative or friend you know read and constructively criticize your manuscript. This is critical prior to publishing. If that snowball we mentioned is weak or has square edges when rounded ones are needed it is going to be difficult to get it rolling down that hill. The last part of the process is to find a reputable agent if your book sells well within your target zone. Remember, if you’re in it for profit as well as satisfaction, it is better to earn fifty cents each on a million books than two dollars each on a hundred thousand. Once you’re established negotiations for your manuscript and large publication runs become a reality your work will yield a much better return than this, your first endeavour. Every journey begins with a single step, just make sure it is in the right direction, the direction you wish to go.

This sounds like a lot of marketing work for the author but believe it or not the same is true whether you use on-demand publishing or traditional publishing. Remember bookstores and libraries don’t know how a book is published. All they see is it well written and is it on a subject matter that fits with their venue. Our publishing process is quite smooth and once we have you set up with the publisher supply is seamless and able to fit any demand. During the process we will answer any questions you have that are within our scope of reference. You will find your finished book is a very high quality product of which you can be proud and is capable of sitting on the shelves of any bookstore and library.

Research other publishers, if you wish, before deciding to use our services. You will be glad that you decided to join the “Published Here” family of authors. We will work with you to get your product the way you want it and answer your questions to the very best of our ability.

Here is our 10 reasons list:

1. We are experienced and offer a complete package.
2. Our price, $750, is all inclusive except for HST in Canada.
3. We won't nickel and dime you, we give our costs up front.
4. We have been publishing through others for over 20 years.
5. We have been doing graphic design for over 25 years.
6. We were Internet Providers in 1992, among the first anywhere and the first in our region.
7. We know our limitations and will rely on experts when the need arises.
8. Check out some of our original web site designs by going to (bottom of the page).
9. Our Windmill Construction Book can be obtained at
10. We know our price, when all things are taken into account, is the best value out there.

Please make sure to check the competition, don't just take our word for it.


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