Published Here, Introduction From a Traditional Publisher

We are extremely proud and pleased to present this introduction from a traditional publisher who has known about us and our work for about twenty years. A friend and a mentor!


My experience with printing and publishing started when I was a child. I got a toy rotary press that used rubber type. I took a course in letterpress printing when in Junior High School. I would set metal type, and print on a letterpress at the school.

When about age 17 I did newspaper delivery research and published the results in Reno, Nevada. In New York City I worked for a freight forwarding organization in their advertising, public relations, supply department. While there I spent two weeks in book publishing research for my employer. As a result they published OVER SEXTEEN, which sold over a million copies. And they published a few more books with different titles. Eventually reprints in paperback size. I was given a $500. bonus for my work.

As the years progressed, I acquired experience with various type setting systems and machines for offset printing. There were many. And as I acquired my own small offset printing presses, I started to print for others and also to publish books.

In Don Mills, Ontario, I did lots of promotional printing for various book publishers. Soon I was asked by individual authors to quote upon book manuscripts and publish it. I found that many authors had their manuscripts rejected by large publishers who could not afford to risk their money on unknown authors.

Thus, many authors would turn to people like me to put their manuscript into print and pay to print and publish. Since then I have had a lot of experience with book publishing. For many I would print their promotional material on my offset presses.

They found that my prices were reasonable and I would keep my word on schedules. Many of the books I printed / published for new authors resulted only in sales of less than 500, some, almost 2,000. I found that the markets varied widely, that poetry had a very small market and so on.

I advise new authors to spend only what they could afford and then go to win. I know one lady author / publisher who published 20,000 copies of her book, but sold only 5,000 copies.

I found the best seller of new books were the individual authors. They would carry copies with them and talk with people and sell their books eye to eye.

Published Here offers you the opportunity to limit your investment, then afterwards get royalty cheques in the mail as sales progress. Let them tell you what they can do for you. I think many of my past customers would have profited from Published Here's services and at less cost. Plus with more profit then dealing with myself or any other printer/publisher. So check them out.

My age is 82 and I am now a semi retired writer, printer, publisher, pastor, inventor, healer, etc. I no longer have the physical energy to do book publishing. It is important that you as the author be sure you eliminate all spelling errors. Avoid any rework when the manuscript is typeset because then the author's alterations cost jump out of sight. A word to the wise! Avoid rework and alterations. Do your job right the first time.

Money can be made in having your book published via Published Here's services, and you can have the satisfaction of having your book in print to share your ideas with others.

I recommend a title, sub-title, your photo and a bio, plus description of contents on the cover back and front. The international copyright notice must appear on the reverse of the title page. I also recommend that it appear on the cover of your book. It reads: Copyright (c) (your full name) year. I also suggest below that line you say: All copyrights reserved. Also I strongly suggest that you read the copyright law. Only the true author is entitled to copyright.

Note that when your book is published with the international copyright, and you register it with the proper form and payment, the Legal Deposit Office publishes new titles in Canada with essential data and circulates thousands of the listings to libraries all over the world.

I wish you the very best. Do your job right.

- Pastor William T. Metzger

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