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What You Need to Provide Us:

- A copy of the manuscript with all peripheral material pages that you have completed.
- Any photos, including author or graphics that you wish to introduce into the cover design.
- The size you would prefer the book printed.
- A statement of colour and concept you would envision for the cover.

What We Provide?

- A quote for the complete job. Normally $750
- ISBN numbers
- Formatted manuscript for your approval.
- Designed cover, to your specifications, for approval.
- Inclusion of your book into Amazon.
- Full consultation through the entire process.

What Happens at the End of the Process?

- We have a proof shipped to you.
- We turn over to you all the publisher information.
- We provide you with the finished PDF manuscript.
- We provide you with the finished PDF cover.

What Are Extras?

Changes, up to two rounds on the manuscript and also on the cover.
A round meaning we have completed the work to your specifications and new changes are requested
Changes to our errors by us are not counted.
Stock photography, may be provided by you (no charge) or us, will be charged at cost plus 20%.
We can provide a video trailer of your book.
Interior images. Price depends on quantity anywhere from $5 to $15
Graphs or charts, $20 each, you must fit these to the page size you choose.
Additional work is charged at $60 per hour.
Editing, $0.01 per word, minimum $250, spelling, grammar and consistency.

The Fine Print.

Most books do not exceed our $750 charge; therefore we require that amount upon our acceptance of the manuscript and material and prior to commencing. This way if we see an issue we will advise you beforehand so you are aware and can correct or authorize us to proceed knowing there will be additional charges.
Additional charges, if any will be accumulated to the end of the process and prior to us arranging for the proof to be sent to you payment including HST must be submitted.
Once we have the manuscript and size confirmed we would advise you of the printing cost per book. - The costs will be the same regardless of quantity. You may order one or ten thousand it makes no difference and shipping is extra on books you order.

Example of Potential Profit.

There are two levels of booksellers we deal with, one with whom we place your book to sell charges 20% commission while Amazon charges 40%. Below are examples of a 300 page black and white book, that costs $4.45 to produce, selling for $10.00, $15.00 or $20.00 and finally the profit you can expect:

If you sell the book yourself:

- $10.00, Cost: $4.45, Estimate $2.25 shipping, Your cost $6.70, Profit $3.30
- $15.00, Cost: $4.45, Estimate $2.25 shipping, Your cost $6.70, Profit $8.30
- $20.00, Cost: $4.45, Estimate $2.25 shipping, Your cost $6.70, Profit $13.30

Using 20% commission (no shipping charges for you)(our recommended method):

- $10.00, Cost: $4.45, (20% x 10.00) $2.00, Your profit $3.55
- $15.00, Cost: $4.45, (20% x 15.00) $3.00, Your profit $7.55
- $20.00, Cost: $4.45, (20% x 20.00) $4.00, Your profit $11.55

Using 40% commission (no shipping charges for you):

- $10.00, Cost: $4.45, (40% x 10.00) $4.00, Your profit $1.55
- $15.00, Cost: $4.45, (40% x 15.00) $6.00, Your profit $4.55
- $20.00, Cost: $4.45, (40% x 20.00) $8.00, Your profit $7.55

You will need a Pay Pal account for Book Sellers to make deposits.

The final step to this proposal is to provide us with the information we requested and within 2 days you will have our quote upon our acceptance. Pre-press without the need for changes can be press ready in one week and have the finished product proof to you two weeks after that.

All materials submitted to us will be held in strictest confidence and then destroyed either if termination of the process is requested or the process finishes.

Payment by money order or bank draft.

I sincerely hope this meets with your approval and if you decide to go ahead and publish your book that you give us the opportunity to evaluate and give a firm quote.

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PS: This is in fact our standard quote and VERY rarely do we deviate from our $750 price.

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