Published Here, print on demand or self publish, do you want your book published?

Located in the City of Peterborough Ontario we take your manuscript to published proof. We design your cover in full color and prepress the manuscript to the point of providing you with a completed proof. Once you have signed off on the proof we give you all the details to go forward on your own plus we give you the manuscript in pdf format if you wish to send it elsewhere you will have no problems.

1. Stay in stock, print on demand is never out of stock..
2. Reduce inventory, why carry the cost of inventory that may or may not sell, self publised print on demand books are always there.
3. Reduce carrying costs, no inventory means no carrying costs.
4. Test market new titles, you may wish to change your title without changing the content to get more productive in the electronic age
5. Economical, our price rarely exceeds $750 to get you from manuscript to proof.
6. Good profit margins and low selling costs.
7. Amazon marketing charges just 40% of the list price.
8. Each book has their own web page at the publisher who charges just 20% commission.
9. Bookes you purchase for yourself have no commissions only the base book cost plus shipping is extra.
10. More electronic marketplaces are available to expand your reach.

Simply supply us with the manuscript in a word processor format, a photo of yourself (if you wish), a brief author statement, photo or graphic you want on the front cover and leave the rest to us.

What better way to find out if your book will be popular? Earn royalties while you discover how many the public will buy. You will have a proven track record to give a publishing house if the book can go on to the next level. Leaving your book to your loved ones continues your legacy as it grows and gives.

This, the page you're on, is your first step to publishing that manuscript you've spent so much time writing. We'll take it to the next level for you and put a proof copy in your hands. The process from start to finish will take from 2 to 6 weeks or longer if a lot of changes and revisions are requested. We are filling the void between photocopied books and expensive publishers. Publishers, print-on-demand or traditional, have lots of hidden costs and those are not a problem if they're confident you have a winner. They will pick up all the costs, give you an advance and simply arrange a royalty from each sale to go to you. If they don't pick up the costs then what you need to know is who pays for the books that stock store shelves prior to them being sold, who pays for books destroyed on store shelves or returned tattered? Who pays for the set-up to run your book and most important of all, what will the cost be for subsequent runs after the initial set-up and first run is complete? Get it in writing!

Our idea is to simply bring your book to market. Give it a broad base through Amazon plus you purchase some books to place on shelves of local or regional book stores. You can now build a documented track on sales numbers. Suppose you located your books in a population base of 100,000. Then if one book sells per 100,000 per month you could expect US sales to be 42,000 books per year by covering the entire country. In order to meet that requirement there would have to be a minimum of 21,000 for books for the USA in print and unsold at any given time. That could cost upwards of $25,000 based on a 200 page book. A publisher would be more inclined to look at 50,000 or 100,000 book sales per year to make you a no cost proposal.

What's the bottom line, get the book printed with us. Get on Amazon and start Internet marketing. Buy a domain name to start your own Internet marketing as well. Purchase 30 books for your own use. Visit local bookstores (5) and leave 5 copies on consignment. Talk to the nearest Chapters manager, they will take some books on consignment and have authority to do so. Your profit on a book of roughly 200 pages selling for $12.95 would range from $2.00 to $7.00 depending on how and whom made the sale. Your total cost to start this scenario would be less than a thousand dollars and that would put 30 books in your hands with subsequent books costing roughly $3.00 US each. You need to purchase roughly 20,000 books from a printer to attain that price or a cash outlay of $30,000.

This has been a very optimistic example, most are fortunate to be able to sell 250 books per year and that is enough to pay your print-on-demand costs with us in the first year, generating profits for you in subsequent years.

Think big, start small.

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